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  • Easy to use - effectively reduces ear canal infection
  • FDA Registered
  • Effectively dries wet ear canals and prevents ear infections
  • Not only good for after swimming, but also for after showers!
  • Comes with a carrying pouch
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

To USE: Insert the speculum tip into the ear opening and squeeze the bulb to inject a stream of air into the ear canal. If the air is not flowing freely into the ear canal, pull the tip back just far enough to allow the air to flow. Each full squeeze of the bulb changes the air in the canal approximately 11 times. Air will flush the canal and allow the drying process to begin. You should feel the drying process occur as you pump in air. Your ear canal will feel cool as the moisture evaporates. The temperature of the injected air will feel warm throughout the drying process; when no further temperature changes are felt, the drying process is complete. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

CLEANING: The speculum tip should be kept clean. Prior to each use, wash with warm water and a mild soap solution and rinse thoroughly. Shake to remove excess water and squeeze the bulb several times to clear any moisture in the air hole.

STORAGE: Clean and dry as above and place in the protective pouch (included) to keep your Dryears clean.

WARNINGS: This product should only be used to dry your ear canals.

  • Not to be used by children without adult supervision
  • Do not use without being examined by and receiving your doctor's permission if you have: eardrum penoration, other ear disease, ear surgery, foreign material in the ear, dizziness, ringing in the ear or previous trauma of the ear.
  • Always consult a doctor if you have any ear problems

Dryears - Ear Dryer to Reduce Ear Canal Infection for Swimmer's Ear

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