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A New Milestone

Formosa Medical started in 2008. Formosa in Portuguese means "a beautiful island". I originally came from a beautiful island on Pacific ocean called "Taiwan".  In the past few years, Formosa Medical has grown into a company with full line of ovulation and pregnancy test strips and other personal care products.  We aim to provide quality products and better care for our customers. Besides test strips for family planning, we carry iRelax® Stress Management Device and Dryear, Ear Dryer to Reduce Ear Canal Infection for Swimmer's Ear.   We appreciate our customers' continuous supporting us. Many came back for re-orders and have become our re-sellers. 

The new line we introduce this year is our own Formosa Medical® brand ovulation and pregnancy test strips. We have visited many factories and came up the test strips that can reduce customer's daily cost while maintain high quality.  We hope our customers like this new line because Customers' satisfaction is the best reward for us.  




J.W. Chen, Ph.D.

CEO of Formosa Medical

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